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Spring Term

Science Day March 2022

History class trip to Woolsthorpe Manor-Isaac Newton

Enjoying making pancakes for shrove Tuesday. Yum yum!

Some absolutely fantastic DT work today. The children began their topic for this term learning and labelling axles, wheels and chassis on the cars they had drawn. They then used templates to make their own out of cardboard. Throughout the lesson the children showed great team work and problem solving skills. Their end product looks fabulous!

The children enjoyed experimenting how to make colours lighter and darker.

A fabulous performance from all the child. During Geography they made up their own rhymes/songs to help them remember the seas that surround the UK.

As part of Neptune Classes passport to the world the children thoroughly enjoyed making traditional dishes from Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We learnt about safety whilst cooking, how to follow recipes, different ways to cook (boil, poached, fry), measuring and best of all how to assess which one we thought was the tastiest. Team Wales made Welsh Cakes, Team Scotland made Cullen Skink, Team Ireland made Boxty

R.E. - The Creation Story

Neptune class enjoyed welcoming Jennie Fytche to help them explore The Creation Story. They were able to show their understanding and knowledge by collating, using play dough and writing.

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