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How will this be measured?

Pupil Voice will show:

  • An understanding of computing skills at an age-appropriate level.
  • A secure understanding of each key area of the curriculum.
  • Confidence in discussing computing, their own work and identifying their own strengths and areas for development.
  • Progression in the skills pupils learn as they move through school.
  • Progression in the vocabulary pupils use to discuss computing, as they move through school.
  • Enthusiasm and excitement from pupils about the computing curriculum.


Pupils’ work will show:

  • That children have had opportunities for practice and refinement of various skills.
  • Development of final pieces of work which showcase the skills they have learnt.
  • That children have been taught a variety of different aspects of computing.
  • That children have had opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively to develop their skills.
  • A clear progression of skills between year groups, in line with expectations set out in the progression grids.


The subject leader will:

  • Collate evidence over time which shows that pupils know more and remember more about computing.
  • Monitor standards in the subject to ensure outcomes are at the expected levels.
  • Provide any CPD necessary to support staff in their teaching of the computing curriculum.
  • Monitor progression in computing across school, to ensure pupils are always appropriately challenged.