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The key area of learning in EYFS during this term is phonics. Everyday during our phonics lesson the children will be learning a new letter sound, formation of this sound, how to sound talk/read words containing the taught sounds and tricky words. To help consolidate the children's learning in this area we will be providing each child with a reading folder that will be placed in their book bags. This folder will include work and reading that is linked to this subject.


Below is a detailed description of what will be bought home. 


 smiley  A letter formation practise book that will include a picture of how we          form each letter and the rhyme we use to support this formation. 

 smiley  A reading book that matches your child's Phonics stage that they can  read independently.

 smiley  A sharing book that you and your child can read together.

 smiley  A decodable and tricky word sheet.


If you need support to understand certain terminology that has been used in the text please take a look at the phonics/tricky words section on the Venus Class page. On this page there is a detailed description of each area.


If you have any questions then please do no hesitate to ask blush

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