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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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School Uniform

Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School is very proud of their school uniform.  The pupils wear it with great pride as it shows their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  The school uniform contributes to the ethos of the school and defines the tone.


The school colours are: Red, White/Red and Grey/Black.

Many items of school uniform can be purchased online through Nationwide School Uniforms website: 

www.nationwideschooluniforms - Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School


However, there is no requirement to buy uniform with the school logo.

    • Red or white shirt or polo shirt
    • Red sweatshirt, cardigan or school fleece
    • Black or grey skirt or trousers
    • During the summer months, children may wear red and white gingham dresses as an alternative or grey/black shorts
    • Red baseball cap or legionnaires cap (for summer)
    • White, grey or red socks
    • Grey or red tights
    • Black, low heeled shoes shoes (not trainers) 
    • Red book bag

    P.E. and Games

    • Navy or black shorts

    • White T-shirt

    • Red or Black jogging bottoms/leggings (for outdoor PE)

    • Black Plimsolls for indoor PE and Trainers for outside games/PE

    All jewellery must be removed for PE.  If a pupil has pierced ears and is unable to remove them themselves, micr-pore tape should be provede to ensure the stud is completely covered.


    Long hair must be tied back in order to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent it obscuring vision.  This is applicable to both girls and boys for indoor and outdoor PE.