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 Welcome to Venus Class Homework Page

 The key area of learning in EYFS during this term is phonics. Every day during our phonics lesson the children will be learning a new letter sound, formation of this sound, how to sound talk/read words containing the taught sounds and tricky words. To help consolidate the children's learning in this area we will be providing each child with a homework book that will be placed in their book bags.


Below is a detailed description of what will be bought home:

  •  A letter formation practise book that will include a picture of how we form each letter and the rhyme we use to support this formation. 
  •  A “I can read” reading book that matches your child's Phonics stage that they can read independently.
  •  A “We can read” that you and your child can read together.
  •  A tricky word sheet.


Homework Grid 

Venus Class homework grid (see below) contains three fun activities that are linked to our termly topics. It is up to you and your child how many of these tasks you do and in which order.

The children love to share with their peers their home learning so please add pictures (if they fit) to their homework project book or add photos and/or videos to your child’s portfolio on Class Dojo.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


Homework and Projects Autumn Term 1 2022

Below you will find a bingo grid with some fun homework project ideas related to our first topic in Autumn term 1 “All About Me”.

  • You can choose to complete the tasks in any order or adapt however you would like.
  • How you present the information/finished work is up to you, if it is suitable you may like to put it in your project journal (A4).  You may wish to take a photograph of something your child creates/finds or video and add it onto Class Dojo.

Can your child find Autumn objects that match the numbers 1-4? (For example: 1 acorn, 2 conkers, 3 leaves etc).

Can your child create a picture of their family using a media of their choice (For example, paint, collage, photography etc)?

Can your child put their coat on by themselves and zip it up?