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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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All lessons build on prior learning and teachers support children to learn and remember more through:

  • Use of progression framework to form the key knowledge documents across the school
  • A knowledge organiser which outlines sticky knowledge (including vocabulary) all children must master via low stakes testing.
  • A focus on chronology, with children aware of a clear timeline of historical events as they progress through the school
  • A focus on key historical skills and practices that children develop and progress with as they move through the school with opportunities to develop content knowledge alongside process knowledge
  • Completion of a pre and post assessment to elicit prior knowledge and understanding on which to build learning and encourage children to pose questions and spark their curiosity about the past
  • A cycle of lessons for each topic, which carefully plan for progression and depth
  • Elaborative questioning to challenge pupils to apply their learning in a range of ways
  • Trips and visits from experts who will enhance the learning experience
  • Opportunities to access a range of quality and inspiring historical artefacts and resources with an emphasis on practical investigation, encouraging children to find answers to questions they raise
  • Specialist vocabulary for topics taught and built up
  • Opportunities for curriculum adaptation and challenge, pre teaching and interventions for those children who may require it, including those with SEN, throughout a topic or prior to a new topic being taught.