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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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Design & Technology

At Marston Thorold's, we believe in providing all children with a high-quality design and technology education in line with the National Curriculum. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, we teach the knowledge, understanding, vocabulary and skills needed to engage in the process of designing and making. We follow the national curriculum guidance providing an inclusive curriculum for all and where possible, we encourage children to make connections to other subjects. The children are also given opportunities to reflect upon and evaluate past and present technology and its usefulness.


Using a clear learning sequence, children are able to effectively research, design, make and evaluate. This helps children to understand the functionality of the industry and how to use their skills in a rapidly changing world.


Our principal aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding as well as encouraging our children to ask questions and plan enquiries, thus enabling them to have a deeper understanding of the subject. Through daily reviews and a well planned out progression of lessons, which includes challenging students at all levels, we aim to help the children know more and remember more. We encourage all children to learn to think and work creatively to solve problems both as individuals and collaboratively as members of a team.

Design Technology Statement of Intent

‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ 

Steve Jobs