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Phonics and Tricky Words

Currently children are now beginning learning their first letter sounds in phonics lessons following the Jolly Phonics scheme of learning and are sent home practice sheets daily along with sound books. These letter sounds are essential for getting children reading and writing. 


The separate sounds (phonemes) are spoken aloud, in order, all through the word, and are then merged together into the whole word. The merging together is called blending and is a vital skill for reading.

Children will also learn to do this the other way around – cat = c-a-t. The whole word is spoken aloud and then broken up into its sounds (phonemes) in order, all through the word. This is called segmenting and is a vital skill for spelling.

This is all oral (spoken).


Ways you can support your child at home


Find real objects around your home that have three phonemes (sounds) and practise ‘sound talk’. First, just let them listen, then see if they will join in, for example, saying:

          ‘I spy a p-e-g – peg.’

          ‘I spy a c-u-p – cup.’

          ‘Where’s your other s-o-ck – sock?’

          ‘Simon says – put your hands on your h-ea-d.’

          ‘Simon says – touch your ch-i-n.’

          ‘Simon says – pick up your b-a-g.’


Please follow the link below to find out information about how phonics is taught using the Jolly Phonics scheme.