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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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How will this be measured?

Pupil Voice will show:

  • A developed understanding of the methods of scientists (process knowledge) at an age appropriate level.

  • A progression of content knowledge, with appropriate vocabulary which supports and extends understanding.

  • Confidence in discussing science using ambitious scientific vocabulary. They can discuss their own work and identify their own strengths and areas for development.


Displays around school and books will show:

  • Pupils have had opportunities for practice and refinement of content and process knowledge.

  • A varied and engaging curriculum which develops a range of scientific understanding and knowledge.

  • Developed and final pieces of work which showcase the new learning.

  • Clear progression of knowledge in line with expectations set out in the progression grids.

  • Individuals' books and class big books showcase the process knowledge pupils have, over time, developed in working scientifically and the range of opportunities pupils have been given to apply their knowledge to practical experiences.


The subject leader will:

  • Celebrate the successes of pupils through planned displays.

  • Collate appropriate evidence over time which evidences that pupils know more and remember more.

  • Monitor the standards in the subject to ensure the outcomes are at expected levels.

  • Provide ongoing CPD support based on the outcomes of subject monitoring to ensure that the impact of the curriculum is wide reaching and positive.