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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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All lessons build on prior learning and teachers support children to learn and remember more through:

  • A subject discreet lesson each week following the long term plan of Purple Mash Units of work which builds on year on year and provides a stable progression throughout the programme of study. 
  • A knowledge organiser linked to each unit of lesson in Purple Mash to support the use and retention of vocabulary and knowledge linked to computing.  
  • Provide a balance of computer science, digital literacy and information technology.  
  • Promoting a practical and safe use of technology within Purple Mash that enables the pupils to gradually build on their understanding and ability to apply skills in all areas of computing.   
  • Discussion time embedded into lessons to support e-safety so that all pupils are aware of what to do and who to go to when they have concerns;  
  • Embedding the use of technology across the wider curriculum and outside school life.  
  • Elaborative questioning to challenge pupils to apply their learning in a range of ways.  
  • Providing knowledge and understanding through the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation.  
  • Opportunities for curriculum adaptation and challenge, pre-teaching and interventions for those children who may require it, including those with SEN, throughout a topic or prior to a new topic being taught.