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Autumn Term

Welcome to Neptune Class.


It has been a pleasure to meet you all. All of the children have settled in and adapted to the new routines fantastically this term.


Although under current restrictions we are limited with face-to-face contact, meaning that our normal catch ups at the beginning and end of the school day cannot happen, please do not feel that you are unable to talk to us about anything that concerns you. I am more than happy to speak to parents via telephone, the school email address ( or we can arrange an online teams meeting. I really want all parents to feel they can still communicate with me and that I am here to support your children in anyway I can. 


In the event of a child self isolating please find relevant work to complete on both google classroom and the school website class page.  


We look forward to working with you in the coming academic year. smiley


Neptune Class Newsletter Autumn 1

Neptune have had a fabulous party day. They even received a special visit from the elf Trixie McSpinkle, who presented each child with a kindness certificate, well done! Have a Merry Christmas, stay safe.

Check out our Christmas 2020 Video, all of the children were fabulous.


All of the children in the class have a reading buddy, whose aim it is to listen to them read three times a week, alongside an adult twice a week. The children have enjoyed supporting each other and have loved listening to their friends read. 

The children's stories have amazed me, I am so proud of how well they are doing with their writing!

Christmas Jumper Day

We have a surprise coming Sssssshhhhhh....

Friday 4th December: The children enjoyed playing in the snow.

So far in Autumn 2 the children have been super busy. 



The children have been writing their own funny rhyming food poems and helping Stickman find his way home to the family tree in time for Christmas. The focus for English in Year 1 has been writing simple sentences which includes: capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We have also started to introduce adjectives to make our writing more exciting. In Year 2 our focus has been using similes, this has made our writing really descriptive. Additionally we are learning about the different classifications of words (conjunctions, nouns, adjectives, adverbs).



Across both year groups we have been learning about Addition, Subtraction and Money. All of our Maths lessons will include aspects to improve fluency and reasoning.


Class Reading

As part of our daily class reading we have had the pleasure of looking at numerous books which include:
Fantastic Mr Fox,

Moles Sunrise,

Super Duper You,

The Singing Mermaid, 

James and The Giant Peach,

The Boy at The Back Of The Class,


From these books the children have been developing their vocabularly and now have an understanding and can use words such as: 

inclusivity, quivering, ramshackle, sizzling, steaming-ask your children what they mean, I am sure they will blow your socks off as they have done mine!


Alongside of all this hardwork the children have also been learning about Edith Smith (The first female policewomen who worked in Grantham), Christianity and Islam, Weather, Pointillism and so much more.