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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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How will this be measured?

Pupil Voice will show:

  • Enjoyment and enthusiasm when discussing music; ability to talk about their personal taste in music and understanding others may have differing opinions.

  • A knowledge of various musical styles and traditions at an age appropriate level.

  • A progression of knowledge in singing, listening, composing, musicianship (KS1) and performing (KS2) with appropriate vocabulary used which supports and extends understanding.

  • Confidence in discussing music, their own work and identifying their own strengths and areas for development.


Performance videos, photographs, school website, Facebook and displays will show:

  • Pupils have had opportunities to be creative and to practice and refine their knowledge.

  • A varied and engaging curriculum which develops a range of musical knowledge.

  • Developed and final pieces of work which showcase the knowledge learned.

  • Clear progression of knowledge in line with expectations set out in the progression grids.

  • That pupils, over time, develop a range of knowledge across all of the areas of the music curriculum: singing, listening, composing, KS1 musicianship and KS2 performing.


The subject leader will:

  • Collate appropriate evidence over time which evidences that pupils know more and remember more.

  • Monitor the standards in the subject to ensure the outcomes are at expected levels.

  • Provide ongoing CPD support based on the outcomes of subject monitoring to ensure that the impact of the curriculum is wide reaching and positive.