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The Marston Thorold's Charity Church of England


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Church School

Church School


We are proud to be a Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School (one of 38 in Lincolnshire). 


We carry out at least an hours teaching of Religious Education per week per class and hold a daily act of Collective Worship.  We visit the local Church regularly and Reverend Stuart carries out services in school on a monthly basis.  

Reverend Stuart Hadley is our vicar and he is also a school governor.

Our teaching is supported by the school's ethos and values and our day to day expectations.  We expect and insist on the use of good manners and behaving towards others as you would expect to be behaved towards yourself.

We work on our chosen Christian Values which are:


T1 -Friendship

T2 -Perseverance

T3 -Creativeness

T4 -Thankfulness

T5 -Forgiveness

T6 -Respect


These are covered every term in our collective worship and every aspect of our daily life in school. For example if a child is unkind we remind them of our friendship value and what we expect.  We teach them to show compassion towards others that are not as lucky as them and so much more.