Breakfast Club

We offer 2 options at our breakfast club:

  1. Early Bird Club—starts at 7.45am and includes breakfast and supervision. This will cost £3.50 per session
  2. Drop Off Club—starts from 8.30am and covers supervision only. This costs £1 per session

Mrs Laura Webb is our breakfast club leader and there is always a teacher on site as well.

All children attending the club—whether early bird or drop off—need to be dropped off in the hall AND signed in by parents to ensure their safety.   Payment must be made on the day or in advance.

The children help to set up and clear away breakfast and then Mrs Webb organises activities.

Children are expected to follow the school rules just as they would during the normal school day. If they don’t do this then they are reported to their class teacher who will deal with the incident.

Please use our breakfast club - as a small school we need your support!