Curriculum overview

At Marston Thorold's Charity CE Primary School, our curriculum is designed to recognise and build on children's prior learning whilst inspiring all pupils to reach their true potential within a broad and balanced curriculum.  Our curriculum has been designed for Marston Thorold's pupils linking directly to our Vision Statement. 


Our School Vision


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What does your child learn at school each day?

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English Curriculum Intent Statement


English overview Class 1

Phonics Yearly Overview Class 1

English overview class 2 cycle A

English overview Class 3

Progression in Writing

Recommended books for Y6

English whole school Long Term overview.



Maths Curriculum Intent Statement

Maths Long Term Planning Years 1&2

Maths Medium Term Plan Years 1&2

Maths Long Term Planning Years 3&4

Maths Medium Term Plan Years 3&4

Maths Long Term Planning Years 5&6

Maths Medium Term Plan Year 5&6

Maths Progression through Written Calculation 2019 - how we teach maths to the children



Art and Design Technology

Art and DT Curriculum Intent Statement 



Computing Curriculum Intent Statement


Geography Progression Framework

Geography Curriculum Intent Statement 


History Progression Framework  

History Curriculum Intent Statement 


French Overview

French Long Term Planning

French Progression Map


Music Long Term Plan

Music Intent Statement

Physical Education (P.E.)

Physical Education Subject Intent Statement 

PE Curriculum Map

PE Progression Framework


Science Curriculum Progression Framework

Working Scientifically Process Knowledge

Science Intent Statement 


PSHE Overview Cycle A

PSHE Overview Cycle B

PSHE Curriculum Intent Statement 

Religious Education (R.E.)

Religious Education Overview

R.E. Curriculum Intent Statement 

SMSC progression