Special Educational Needs


Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Miss J Fulcher.  She can be contacted via the school office or at enquiries@marstonthorolds.lincs.sch.uk


We, at Marston Thorold's are committed to giving the best quality education to all the children who attend the school.  We are proud of the additional support we are able to give to those children who need a little more help and support.  As part of these we are developing in conjunction with parents and governors our local plan to support children in accordance with both new statute and our own vision.

Schools are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for pupils with a disability. If a pupil has a disability and would like a place at our school, we will work closely with both the parents and any Outside Agencies to ensure that where possible and reasonable, we will make any adjustments necessary to enable the pupil to access the curriculum, wider school life and environment and they will not be treated less favourably.


Special Educational Needs Policy 

SEN information Report and local offer 2018/19