Class Three

Welcome to our page! On our class page you will find useful information such as our weekly timetable, class letters, photographs showing what the children have been up to as well as recommendations for books, websites and much more.

Please keep checking Purple Mash as I update with new work and activities as well as replying to submitted work with comments and suggestions.

Week June 8th English

In English  we will be reading The Silver Sword by Ian Serrailler. I will post what we are doing in school so you can follow at home if you wish. You will need your own copy of this book.


Purple Mash week 1.6.2020-5.6.2020

As I am now teaching back at school I will only be able to look at submitted work once or twice a week rather than daily as has been the normal up to now. All work will continue to be “marked” and commented on. Children in school will be following the same Pirate theme.

Spellings: Y5& Y6= consolidation week

English- Pirate Theme:

  • Describe a Pirate,
  • All about Pirates,
  • Powerful Pirate words
  • Pirate Mash Cam



  • Identify Prime Numbers
  • Problem solving including decimals( jottings needed)
  • Powers of 10

ICT: 2Code: Jumping Monkey

Art: Create own Pirate treasure map.

Purple Mash Work Week 18.5.2020-22.5.2020

Spellings:Y5 Week 5- silent letters .    Y6 Week 5-ance ending

English: Exercise poster and/ or Wonka Creations:

Comprehension: Next exercise in CGP books. Y5: A Letter From EB White

Y6: Queen Victoria’s Diary ( I will post the answers on Google Classsroom )  

Maths: Graphs .Graph types and descriptions 2 Which graph is best?

Time: timetables

Maths games : 6 to do and repeat.

ICT: Coding Haunted House or 2Go: instructions/ directions

Science: As set by Mrs Liversidge on Google Classroom.



SPAG: Y 5 Statutory words, Story snaps ( parenthesis)

Y6- Statutory words  (SPAG= CGP 10 minute a day workbook.)

Writing: Either: Creepy Woods- descriptive writing or Blank Comic Book- design and create your own comic.

Maths: Place value: 1.Number rule patterns 2.negative numbers.

3.Mental calculations: 20 questions( you will need pencil and paper for some jottings)

ICT: Coding: Snail Race

Geography: map work: English counties and European countries

Art : Design your own garden

Science: set on Google Classroom by Mrs Liversidge.


Work for Week 4/5/2020-8/5/2020

SPAG:Y5 spellings:-ce,-cy(noun endings) & -se,-sy( verb endings) ,Countryside Contrasts: adverbials

Y6: spellings:double consonant. Grammar terminology Quiz.

Writing: Select 1 ( or both) from: Character Description: George ‘s Marvellous Medicine or  VE Day Newspaper Report.

Maths: Ordering large numbers, Problem solving +/-/x/÷( you will need to do jottings on paper),Number patterns. Maths game: Roman Numerals.

ICT Coding: Air Traffic Control

Art: Paint a V.E .Day celebration.

Geography: UK cities, Significant places.:

Science :via Google Classroom from Mrs.Liversidge.

Work for the week Work for the week 27/4/2020 - 1/5/2020 set on Purple Mash:
SPAG:Y5=Anna and the trampoline( modal verbs), Y6 Box the verbs( verb tenses)
Y5 week 2-ancy, Y6 week 2-ent,ence, ency
George's Recipe( instruction writing )OR Computer Games review   and Smoothy Sequencing.
Plus the 4th Comprehension from your books.

Multiplication and division with remainders,
HTU X U OR HTU X TU ( you will need to do these formally on paper before you can input answers.
Symmetrical picture

Spring Trees.

Science: As set by Mrs Liversidge on forces.( see Google Classroom for this)

Work for the week 20/4/2020.COMPLETED

You should do: Maths( complete 2 Time and 2 Measure activities and 1 game or Times Tables 2 Do, English( do either a leaflet of an information text), SPAG( 2 activities), Spellings and Art( do either the mosaic or the card- or both if you like.).Also in your comprehension book do the 3rd exercise and mark it.

Remember to look at the Sharing part on Purple Mash - can you see your work being displayed?We have several boards of work.

Have you seen our class 3 Blog also under the sharing section? Take a look as new things are posted on there as extras incase you wanted something else to do!

I will keep looking daily at the 2 Dos and adding comments as appropriate.

Class 3 School Closure Work

Class 3 School Closure Letter: Please read to see what work has been set for class 3 and useful websites in case of school closure.

Below are 2 suggestions for non- screen activities that you may like to do.

Roald Dahl Day
Roald Dahl Day


Viking Broaches in Art. 

dear-parents-2019-class-3-letter (1).pdfClass 3 work for home.docx


Class 3 Photographs

On Friday 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday by holding a special morning of Dahl related activities.


Our Cross Country team took part in their second race at the Meres. Our top 3 girls came 10th, 11th and 12th- a fabulous effort.

Our best boy runner was 10th in his first race. One more race to go so hopefuly the best is yet to come. 

In Scince we were investigating conductors and insulators- we tested a great range of items.

In art we made Viking broaches from clay.

Our new House Captains received their badges.

In dance we have worked with a dance coach putting together a Viking dance.

In music we have been playing alongside a Jazz piece using chime bars, xylophones, recorders and glockenspiel;this included an improvisation section( it sounded really good!) I was impressed.

For our English we have been working on Remembrance poems and this first involved collaborative work generating lots of words and phrases about a collection of images.

As part of our Rainforest in Geography we invited Simon ( a Rainforest explorer) to come and tell us about his sights and experiences in the Amazon rainforest.We also did team buidling activities( as when exploring it's important to work as a team)

For Children In Need we all dressed up and enjoyed Pudsey and Blush cakes made by Elspeth and her Grandma-delicious.