Welcome to our class 1 page! On our class page you will find useful information such as our weekly timetable, class letters, photographs showing what the children have been up to as well as recommendations for books, websites and much more. 

Class 1 Home Learning

Here are a few ideas for educational activities you could do at home and websites you could use to supplement the work packs already sent home and the work set on purple mash during the school closure period. I will keep adding links and activities on a regular basis whilst school continues to be closed. I will check purple mash daily and respond to each child's work as it is completed on there so remember to save the work.


Year 2 Mini Project                   Year 1 Mini Project                     Reception Mini Project                 Class 1 Counting Activities

 Hit the Button            Teaching Clock - Tell the Time          Toy Shop Money           Teach Your Monster To Read    


 Funology - a fun website of activities               Phonics Bloom       Year 2 Common Exception Word Mats           Year 1 Common Exception Word Mats

Class 1 Blog

Head over to Purple Mash and say 'Hi' on our new Class 1 Blog.

You can also take a look at some of the super work children in Class 1 have been creating using Purple Mash on the Display Boards. 



Easter Activities

Here are some Easter activities for you to use. 


White Rose Maths Home Learning

White Rose Maths Hub have kindly put together some home learning lessons. Take a look at your child's year group here.


P.E. at home!

If any children are keen to do a PE lesson at home then tune into Joe Wicks' PE lesson at 9am

Phonics Home Learning

Ruth Miskin is sharing daily phonics lessons on her You Tube Channel : Ruth Miskin Phonics Lessons 

9.30am - Speed Sounds Set 1 (m,a,s,d,t,i,n,p,g,o,c,k,u,b,f,e,l,h,sh,r,j,v,y,w,th,z,ch,qu,x,ng,nk)
10.00am - Speed Sounds Set 2 (ay,ee,igh,ow,oo,oo,ar,air,or,ir,ou,oy)
10.30 - Speed Sounds Set 3 (ea,oi,a_e,i_e,o_e,u_e,aw,are,ur,er,ow,ai,oa,ew,ire,ear,ure)

This is our latest weekly timetable for Class 1. Click on the link to see what we get up to each week. 

Spring 1 Timetable 

Here you will find the latest class 1 letters.

Take a look at some examples of Jolly Phonics worksheets you can access at home with your child.  Jolly Phonics - Early Phonics Worksheets

Why not print and colour some Jolly Phonics colouring pages. Phonics Colouring Pages

By the end of Year 1 all children should be able to read and write these words. Please help your child by practising these at home throughout the year. 


Year 1 Maths and English Home Learning Ideas and Activities

By the end of Year 1 all children should be able to read and write these words. Please help your child by practising these at home throughout the year.

Year 2-Common-Exception-Words.pdf

Year 2 Maths and English Home Learning Ideas and Activities

Klimt's Tree of Life

We have taken inspiration from Klimt's Tree of Life and created our own Tree of Life paintings using primary colours only and then mixing them to our make our desired colour choice.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough...

Class 1 have been learning about mountains, valleys, rivers and forests. They made 3D models using coloured clay. 

Away in a Manger

We are all very proud of Jack who has been learning to play Away in a Manger on the guitar. Click on the link below to listen.


Class 1 have been discussing the different ways we can communicate using various technologies. We used Purple Mash to create our visual map.

Overnight we've had an unexpected crash landing in the class 1 outdoor area!

More information to follow....

IT Wizards...

The children in Year 1 and 2 created Avatars today during computing. 

National Poetry Week!

For National Poetry Week we read and then acted out I am Angry by Michael Rosen

Year 1 and 2 made a huge 100 square in the hall! 

To start off our learning about place value in Class 1 year 1 and 2 made a hundred square in the hall.