About our school

Marston Thorold’s Charity CE Primary School was founded in 1716 by Dame Margaret Thorold to fulfil the wishes of her late husband, Sir John Thorold, Baronet. Lands were settled to pay for the education of fifteen children in the parish of Marston. The children were to be taught to read, write and ‘cast account’; the basic ‘three R’s’ of that time.

The School Master at that time was to be paid £15 per annum and had to be a single man, if he married he had to give up his post! The same trust deed established an apprenticeship for a poor boy from Marston in the sum of £5 per annum. These trusts are now embodied in the Dame Margaret Thorold Charities, which continues to support the school financially.

The present school was built in 1861, adopting church ‘Aided’ status in 1954 and becoming a grade 2 listed building in 1984. In early 2004 a new extension to the building was opened and this extension provided a hall, an ICT suite, cloakrooms, offices and a classroom for the younger children.

Since then all the children's toilets have been refurbished and other essential work has been carried out on the old building.  

We celebrated our Tercentenary (300 years) in 2016 and we held several events to celebrate this amazing achievement.